Listen With Intention Daily
(earphones work best)

If Bandwidth is exceeded go to Back-Up Streaming Audio Platforms

YouTube: Music Apothecary

ReverbNation: Music From the Tao 1 thru 32

ReverbNation: Music From the Tao 33 thru 64


Which Transition Should I listen to?


Focus on "What is it that I need to hear?" or
"What will lower my anxiety level to 0?, etc.

It's your intention that drives the Generator.
Basically you can ask any thing you want.
Then click the Player 2 button above.
Use Player 1 when revisiting Today's Transition

Listen to that Transition as often as you want
throughout the day. Just don't listen
while operating machinery or driving a vehicle.

There are 3 settings available on each Player.
Use Settings 1 or 3 when listening with Intention.
Setting 2 is for continuous play.




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